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PROMODISC introduces a new and exciting technology that is innovative yet cost effective and is able to bridge the gap between the giant corporations and small businesses. These products will allow small business to reach the global marketplace using the latest techniques in electronic marketing and sales. What we are talking about is an incredible breakthrough in compact disc delivery. A custom shaped CD ROM multimedia business card that is used as a vehicle to transport sales and marketing tools, or software;  to a potential client or customer that is unlike anything that has been seen before. Interactive charts,  Multimedia, Powerpoint Presentations all become something memorable and make the right first impression when placed on a PROMODISC.

PROMODISC products offer the ability to animate graphics, to bring life to even the most complex information through the use of an audio/video multimedia platform. When you want to make a unique lasting impression use a PROMODISC!

PROMODISC introduces an exciting, new, hybrid CD business card.  This eCard can be programmed with multimedia, audio and video.  This innovative CD paired with high quality graphics creates a dynamic impact. You want to secure that lucrative development contract and or real estate deal; you've invested in a virtual walk  through, but so have the competition, how can you leave a lasting impression with the client and ensure your portfolio stands out from the crowd(VHS/Tape)?
The PROMODISC will make the impression for you, it will not only contain everything you need to convince your client, it will also demonstrate that your company is on the cutting edge with its use of the newest technology, containing a personal message from your Director and video footage of the site pre-development, which then dramatically spins into the virtual technology program for a dynamic visual effect. Win your clients confidence and close the deal with your PROMODISC!

Think about all of the potential uses for this type of product, each time you think of one, you literally double the size of your market. For example, it's obvious that you can use a CD E-Card as a business card, but many of our customers use them as direct mail pieces and as brochures. The scope and size of your market is virtually unlimited. These compact disc e-cards can be run in any standard CD-ROM drive or stand-alone CD/DVD player.  Platform independent (PC, Mac, UNIX etc.), it can also provide links or be a portal directly to web sites containing up to date information behind firewalls or security systems.
Use the unique shapes to created and design your own production.  The concept is dramatically different from the standard CD-ROM and the end result generates excitement and interest. Finally, an intelligent business card that offers an immediate and dynamic presentation of you, your company and your vision.  Design products with full multimedia presentation capabilities, linking purchase, product, service and contact information with a web site.

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